Gwenn Aspen is passionate about empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs. In a world that tries to tear us down, she shares her powerful story of overcoming adversity, silencing naysayers, and persevering through her commitment to leadership and accountability. Gwenn invites you to embrace your uniqueness, develop a resilient mindset, and turn your dreams into reality through disciplined execution and relentless determination. 

Gwenn Aspen

CEO Of Anequim

Gwenn Aspen is the co-founder and CEO of Anequim, but she started her journey with nothing more than big dreams and aspirations. 

Growing up in the conservative Midwest, she didn’t have role models encouraging women in leadership. She picked up small wins and big achievements that forged her incredible success. 

Gwenn believes in providing vision, hope, discipline, and structure as a CEO. Investing heavily in leadership and accountability is key, while always adapting and learning from mistakes.

Gwenn Aspen

Motivational Speaker

As a motivational speaker, Gwenn shares her experiences embracing one’s demons to fuel future success. She encourages others to harness that energy to persevere through tough times. 

Obsession can be a double-edged sword, but it is an essential ingredient for those who want to excel. Through her speeches and presentations, she inspires entrepreneurs and leaders to work passionately, love deeply, and live life with courage. 

Gwenn Aspen


Being a successful entrepreneur requires grit, self-belief, and taking responsibility for one’s actions. An unrelenting drive is crucial for entrepreneurs, which often stems from a deep-rooted need to prove oneself. It is crucial to learn from mistakes and have the determination to make the next right move. 

Gwenn acknowledges that there are trade-offs when trying to turn a vision into reality, and time is a precious resource. Driven by the desire to be the best version of herself, Gwenn strives to make a meaningful contribution to the world.

As a successful entrepreneur, she could easily kick back and retire on a beach somewhere, but it is her insatiable drive to help other entrepreneurs that motivates her every day. 


Gwenn Aspen

In a world that often undermines our potential, Gwenn’s experience demonstrates how to rise above negativity and self-doubt. By daring to dream bigger and accept our quirks, we can be the change we want to see in the world. Gwenn’s success, despite the challenges she faced, shows that we are all capable of limitless potential through consistent effort and incremental changes.

Gwenn Aspen exemplifies the power of a determined mindset and the willingness to act. She harnessed her resourcefulness, curiosity, and relentless drive to overcome failures and impact people’s lives. Gwenn’s story proves that anyone can achieve their goals by embracing clarity, fearlessness, accountability, disciplined execution, and learning from setbacks.

Gwenn’s secret to entrepreneurship lies in staying committed to a goal and remaining passionate about it over time. By sharing her story of falling and getting back up repeatedly, she strives to inspire audiences to see that they can achieve their dreams through a life process that brings results. 



Notes from Gwenn Aspen

It is out of our biggest failures that we grow the most. These crucibles in life define who we will become.  In these articles, Gwenn shares what she has learned from her setbacks, failures, and successes to help other entrepreneurs from her experiences. From the latest techniques and advice for business leaders to the insightful self-reflection on her own story, these blog articles are a resource that she hopes will become the springboard to your own success. 

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How To Ask Better Job Interview Questions

Conducting a Job Interview can be a difficult task to do, especially for virtual assistants and remote roles, as they often can be a bit scary but also exciting. Many of us, team and business leaders, are not HR trained and don´t know how to ask interview questions, so It’s normal to feel nervous when…

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Toxic Company Culture: 5 Ways to Fix It 

Toxic company culture can be very different to explain but actually very easy to identify once you are in one.  When we began leading this company, we would always be greeted with a warm “Good morning!” by the receptionist. One day, however, we were greeted with a sneer instead. That was when we realized that…

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How To Deal with Toxic Employees 

Wondering How To Deal with Toxic Employees? One of the hardest things about leading a company is identifying when a seemingly high performer is toxic to your company culture. Believe us; we’ve all been there.  We had to let go of difficult employees who were good at sales or finishing projects but caused problems with…

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Mindfulness vs Focus: How to Balance Both in Business

They say focus and mindfulness in business is the way to run a company smoothly and with professionals, but it’s easy to get caught up in the demands of daily work and focus the time on  However, finding the right balance between focus and mindfulness is crucial for managing a successful business.  Focus and Mindfulness…

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Vulnerability in Leadership: The Key To Building Trust

How do you build trust with your team? Leadership skills are important, but perhaps the most valuable is the one that terrifies us the most. Vulnerability. It´s easy to understand why, when you become vulnerable, you expose a lot of your flaws, insecurities, worries, and more. You might even believe that this will make you…

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How to Prioritize Goals Like Great Work Teams

How to prioritize goals? The truth is that setting goals can be hard.  Sometimes, it might feel like a property management company is just going in circles without a clear path forward. Leaders might make plans but not follow through, leaving everything feeling messy and stuck. This lack of direction can lead to missed opportunities,…

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Strategic Planning Meeting Tips For Success

Ready to lead a top-notch strategic planning meeting? These sessions are key to helping businesses decide their objectives, sort out their goals, and figure out ways to succeed in the long run.  But, hosting a successful strategic planning meeting can be a tough job. It needs careful planning, clear talking, and a focus on important…


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